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Having photographed buildings and infrastructure for the last 15 years, Robert Granoff has always had a deep love for design and the built environment. Throughout his adolescence, Robert admired the work of famed architectural photographers, Julius Shulman and Ezra Stoller as well as the countless copies of Architectural Digest that were a staple in his family home.

Effectively conveying the sense of a given space into a two-dimensional image is deceptively difficult for any photographer, but Robert relishes this challenge, always striving to find the best technical approach to each picture.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Robert’s natural talent allows him to go beyond technical mastery alone. His openness to chance encounters and visual poetry frequently breathes a different sort of life into his images. 

When approaching a shoot, Robert is always patient and willing to plan his picture-making around a quality or direction of light in order to create the perfect interplay of form and luminosity. 

Robert is keen on seeing and executing a client’s vision. Through his ability to highlight a structure’s architectural details and complexity, his work allows each space to radiate its own distinct character and beauty.

Patient, persistent and thoughtful, you’ll notice depth and a strong sense of narrative through his pictures. When assessing a space to photograph, Robert thinks about the structure in its totality. A series of spaces linked by corridors and stairways: Robert considers them together and how to best lead his viewers through the space visually.

Robert describes his work as more “sculptural” than photographic. He often treats the elements of each space as standalone images which are later compiled and reconstructed to convey his emotional impression of the space as a whole.

The seamless assemblage of his finished images speaks to his mastery of the post production process. The careful and deliberate enhancement of elements in each frame coupled with compositions that utilize the lines of symmetry, geometric, and decorative elements invite viewers to enter these coveted environments and perhaps allow them to feel comfortable lingering once inside.    

“I find it imperative to make sure there are no weak links in my images, nothing should be out of place. After making sure to meet my client’s needs, I aim to highlight the elements that I personally respond to. This could be lighting textures, masking glare, or framing a composition to maximize one’s visual navigation through a space. I always try to frame so there is continuity throughout a series of images. By featuring key design elements from multiple perspectives, I allow the viewer to orient and understand how a space flows from one room to the next. Essentially, I want a viewer to have a sense for how I personally experience an environment. As I walk into a room, I become highly conscious of the things that I want to show and then I start planning the best way to highlight them. There is a lot of feeling and a lot of thought that goes into my process."  –Robert


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